One of the most important consideration to make when it comes to deciding on a shade product is the type of Fabric that you will select for the canopy. The different textiles you can choose from will have a great impact on the longevity, and beauty of the umbrella you buy, as well as the cost to own it or care for it. March Products Inc. is committed to providing the most compelling textile options available in our product category, so that your shade selections are made just right for your needs. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss more in depth details about our fabric selections, their features, and what consideration you can take into account when making this important decision. Here are some essential details that can help you decide where to begin differentiating our selections and comparing them to your needs.


In every industry there is a leader. California Umbrella has thrived for 70 years in the shade products industry, indeed leading the category for decades as the leader in innovation and quality. So it is only natural that we would rely on the Standard for excellence in performance outdoor textiles, and that is why we are proud to feature Sunbrella brand fabrics on all of our California Umbrella shade products.

Sunbrella Brand Fabrics have been a consumer recognized symbol of performance for decades. These fabrics are built with a foundation of Acrylic yarn, the most resilient and solid material to put under the sun for prolonged exposure. Sunbrella brand acrylic is solution dyed offering an even longer lasting color retention rating than competing material sources.

From that foundation, the Sunbrella brand erupts with a mountain of selection, offering hundreds of colors, patterns, stripes, weaves, and combinations that designers all over the world turn to for the most exclusive projects and properties. These high end and uniquely designed products are available to you across our entire line of products, allowing anyone to play with the aesthetic of the most dynamic line of fabrics available.

Completing the brand story is the industry leading support offered by Sunbrella for its textile products. It allows us to confidently offer an uncompromising guarantee on the performance of our Umbrella Product made using Sunbrella fabrics. Choosing from hundreds and hundreds of option will give you 5 or 10 years of color retention and corrosion resistance for covers made from Sunbrella material.

The pinnacle of performance is exemplified by this wonderful and dynamic brand of fabrics. We have turned to Sunbrella for years as our principle source for Umbrella canopy fabric, because they are the standard, and we are proud to feature the entire line of their products available on any California Umbrella.


Olefin fabrics form an opening selection of shade fabrics in our line. These textiles are world renowned for quality and affordability, coupled with versatility in creating woven yarn combinations that achieve an ever expanding selection of color expression and finish. Olefin fabrics are made from synthetic fibers that are typically more robust than cheaper organics, for sustained outdoor use while retaining a sensitivity to cost.

In the California umbrella line of products, we have selected olefin fabrics as the entry level option for shades because they offer a more stable performance than many other similarly priced textiles, like spun polyester or other blends, but they can also be solution dyed for even greater life span than is possible in opening price point umbrella products.

Olefin fabrics are an excellent fabric choice for customers looking to shade their space on a budget without sacrificing quality. Olefin fabrics are a strong value, and with some basic care they can give you several years of enjoyment.


At California Umbrella, we have a real appreciation for how significant the choice of fabric is when creating the perfect shade product for you. It is this passion that lead us to create our own brand of textiles built using a unique blend of yarns woven to deliver a sumptuous feel, and rich color expression. Performance and a commitment to quality over the long term are what built our approach to these textiles. We wanted to deliver a long lasting product that offers tremendous value and that’s just what we’ve accomplished.

To start, Pacifica fabrics are Solution Dyed Canvas grade fabric made using Polyester fibers with our own thread combination. It’s a recipe for a stronger thread, that also holds its color for 4 times as long as traditional polyester under the same conditions. Because of this unique blend, Pacifica fabrics feel soft and full to the touch, and the colors pop under the sun because so much more light is reflecting from the surface of the material. We have tested and measured these textiles under the most stringent conditions and with the highest standards, stretching the possible performance out of the poly source materials so that we offer an inexpensive product that performs like the costliest fabrics on the market for this application. These fabrics are produced in all the most widely sold color ways, so we can complement just about every look or décor aesthetic.

Because Pacifica fabrics are a premium product sold at a compelling cost, the applications it can serve are diverse. If the need is for a dynamic stocking program at a volume retailer looking to add premium residential items for a significant savings, Pacifica delivers. Where the need is for a long lasting, color-fast, and robust material that needs to keep its integrity over years of service in a commercial environment, exposed constantly to the sun, and surviving a pressure wash over and over, Pacifica Fabrics deliver. At the end of the day, the most important thing to us however, is that the umbrella you select with Pacifica fabrics arrive to you quickly and looks great for years beyond your expectations. When that is the need, Pacifica delivers.


The materials we must source to create a great shade product are some of the most important considerations we can make when designing and building our products. We strive to innovate the combinations and functions of the materials we source to bring out the potential in a Market style umbrella design. Our strength as a manufacture of premium umbrellas can be found in so many aspects of our capabilities, from the hundreds of patents and intellectual property we have developed to improve our products, to the hundreds of molds and specialized manufacturing techniques we have to keep a competitive advantage over the many options you have for a supply of these items. However, the prime example of our capabilities is in the fantastic materials we can source to create your shade with.


The highest grade of Aluminum is all we offer, with all of its enhancements and the myriad of ways we are able to exclusively work and finish the raw metals and the formed tubes. We outsource almost no part of the important processes that go into working the metal into a durable frame, including pressing, rolling, and powder-coating.

Our Aluminum components are also more robust than most of the competing products found in the industry because we are committed to using thicker gauges for our center posts, ribs, hubs, and finials, all elements of your umbrella that will feel more solid, and resist bending or buckling under stress.

Furthermore, we have developed the most refined powder-coating processes in the industry, which allow us to achieve hundreds or variants of color and texture on our framework components, and we have selected a compelling collection of frame finishes to choose from, available for domestic shipments quickly.


In order to make a light-weight frame, that can support the weight of a variety of heavy canvas textiles, and withstand exponentially furious forces from winds that can rush through unexpected, all without wearing down or losing strength, we had to search out and create new ways of building components. Fiberglass is a material that California Umbrella has pioneered for use in Umbrella products in these components, and our innovations are changing the industry.

An Umbrella can act like a sail when the wind kicks up, so to survive it needs to be both flexible, and rigid, to hold its form, but still give way so the forces don’t destroy your investment. Faced with this contradiction, we devolved our own Fiberglass reinforced plastics which hold beautiful lines, but move and deflect wind energy when it arrives. The technology we use goes further, because we are able to mold rib joints that don’t require rivets to piece the fiberglass components they envelop. When you cover every aspect of the utility of this material like we have, the result we deliver is a peerless example of survivability, integrity, and value.

At the other end of the fiberglass material spectrum is our rapidly evolving molded Fiberglass material offering. With our capabilities we are able to impregnate a molded fiberglass Umbrella pole with a beautiful wood grain finish, or a textured skin that we can powder-coat to a satin black finish. The molded fiberglass is light weight, firm and solid, resistant to moisture, corrosion, impact, warping splintering and cracking. To offer beautiful finishes that add texture and warmth, on a material that is as solid and resilient as our molded fiberglass, is a perfect embodiment of the innovation California Umbrella delivers to the premium umbrella market.


We source a beautiful collection of hardwoods that make for elegant Umbrella frames. Mahogany and Oak species, harvested responsibly, and carefully selected to give you a subtle grain, warm coloring, and strong single piece frame components, these are the building blocks of our Wood market umbrella program.

Umbrellas have been around as a product humans use throughout recorded history. Across this time, Wood has been the most ubiquitous material used to create a shade in this form. We love the timeless look it offers, a testament to the simplicity of working with the most pliable and dependable material we have, to build items that make life better. Wood Market umbrellas are warm, with an inviting texture, and feature earthy tones that combine well with outdoor spaces, where you will use the shade they provide you with. Our wood market umbrellas live up to the traditional and timeless notes that exist within the product and we are committed to offering them at the most compelling prices as a part of our line.



On a warm summer day, surrounded by friends and family in your backyard, enjoying your space together, this is where our residential umbrella products serve their purpose. In this environment, your shade needs should be met with products that are designed to last, and with features that contribute to your enjoyment, and so our collection of Residential frames are made to serve your shade needs at home. They include convenient lift features, so that opening the canopy is simple and easy. Residential products are often made with dynamic tilting options that move the canopy lower on the horizon as the sun travels across the afternoon sky. We also offer exciting offset Umbrellas that set the post to the side of the canopy, giving you much more versatility to assemble furnishing sets that utilize your space better. If your need for a shade product requires an item that will work for you at your home, with features and benefits that cover you completely, focus your search on these details.


Crank Lift
A major aspect of the design aesthetic delivered by umbrella products is created by the physical shape of the Umbrella canopy. At California Umbrella we are committed to a classic Market style umbrella, exemplified by the straight lines reaching out to shade you with clean canopy edges. It is a timeless design that efficiently shades your space, while offering a wealth of customization opportunities that satisfy changing trends.


Auto Tilt
An umbrella that uses an ‘Auto tilt’, or ‘Crank tilt’ as it is sometimes called, has a more developed mechanism for opening the canopy than that of a Push tilt. Umbrella products that feature this option are much easier to operate, and more convenient to the user. As you crank open an Auto tilt umbrella the mechanism inside the pole is ready to begin tilting as soon as the canopy is fully opened. All you have to do once the Shade fully expands, is keep turning the handle! A few turns, and the umbrella shade lowers to a tilted position.


Push Button Tilt
This is a tilt feature that works very simply, and with the lowest cost associated with the tilting feature on an Umbrella product. Umbrellas that include a Push button tilt will have a break in the center pole where a joint resides. When your umbrella is fully opened, you can take hold of the joint and press a button which unlocks the upper pole section and allows you to lower the fully open canopy sideways towards the horizon blocking the sun as it dips towards sunset.


Twist To Tilt

California Umbrella invented the Collar tilt feature decades ago, because innovating great features into our shade product has always been a calling card for this company. The real inspiration for this feature is to make something easy, and better than the rest of the options in the market, so that the experience interacting with our products is second to none.

The Collar tilt functions by interacting with our premium ratcheted crank within the center pole of your umbrella. Once your canopy is fully opened, stop cranking, and twist the rotating section of the crank housing to incrementally lower the canopy little by little. We call this benefit the ‘Infinity tilt’, because unlike other mechanisms, you can tilt the product as little or as much as you want.

This is useful because the sun takes its time moving down the evening sky, and you can keep a portion of your view of the horizon while you adjust your shade. It has an added benefit of preventing unintended problems from over-cranking the umbrella. There is no substitute for the smooth control you have to dial in your shade with our Collar tilt products.


California is such a beloved place to live because of its amazing climate, and so a great deal of the time we spend here is spent outside. Our businesses and parks fill up with people enjoying manicured outdoor spaces that invite you all year long. With this much sun and that many people to cover, we needed to build a Commercial collection worthy of our name, and up to the task.

Commercial Products in our Line perfectly deliver on their mission to offer robust framework with little to no moving parts and superior fabric performance under prolonged and never ending sun exposure conditions. We start by sourcing and utilized components that are heavier and more robust so that the framework withstands a year-round climate evolution while being handled by a large number of people. Then, we pull away all the moving parts like cranks and tilts, so that the Umbrella has no weak points that could be damaged by an unintended accident or weather event. Finally, we use unique frame materials developed in our own privately owned factory to build up commercial performance and exceed lifespan expectations.

Ultimately, our commercial collection is an assembly of hard working frame combinations that are both beautiful and highly functional for a wide array of public space applications. It’s a hallmark of our commitment to shade products that cover you wherever you are, and whenever you need.


Pulley Lift
To ensure the longevity of a commercial umbrella frame in a public space, minimizing the issues that can be caused from a large number of people handling an item is important, so we focus on featuring a simple and effective method for raising the canopy. A braded rope on dual pulleys will bear the weight of the canopy and help you to open the umbrella by hand. A pin stop in the center mast is a simple and elegant finish. Simple and effective, the commercial combination for shade success.


Manual Lift
In the most demanding commercial space, hundreds and hundreds of people can interact with an umbrella on a given day. Keeping the canopy undisturbed is a key element in protecting your investment in Umbrellas, so we recommend focusing on products that simply open and close with the push of your hand. Fewer users will have a chance to engage with it, and you can provide a more robust shade benefit that lasts in the most well-traveled public spaces.


A major aspect of the design aesthetic delivered by umbrella products is created by the physical shape of the Umbrella canopy. At California Umbrella we are committed to a classic Market style umbrella, exemplified by the straight lines reaching out to shade you with clean canopy edges. It is a timeless design that efficiently shades your space, while offering a wealth of customization opportunities that satisfy changing trends.