About California Umbrella

California Umbrella has been proud to serve you and your shade needs since 1946. The world has changed so much in that time, but our commitment to excellence has only deepened. To meet the demands of the changing market, we have built devoted factories overseas with over 1 million square feet of production space, all to serve our manufacturing needs. The vast array of options for OEMs, customization, and marketing products that our capabilities allow for, can fulfill almost every need you may have for a shade product. Our experience in sourcing materials and fabrics is second to none, so we can provide you with more options, and greater capacity, to make even the most demanding projects seem simple.


In addition to our manufacturing support, we operate a spacious fifty thousand square foot domestic warehouse and assembly center that can handle service and logistics for all your outbound orders, including smaller runs. Our Main production goal is to be here to serve you when you need it, so our team is always ready to discuss a project or the details of your product and business needs. Our domestic warehouse program is all encompassing, giving you flexibility to plan and create. Whether the project is just 1 Umbrella for a backyard bistro table, 200 umbrellas to a magnificent resort, or 200,000 umbrellas for a multi-national retailer, With California Umbrella, when it comes to shade, Relax, you're covered...