signature umbrella
Everything that’s old, is New again.

The dream that lured millions to the western shores of America’s pacific coast was alive and well in the 50’s and 60’s. Lounging Poolside at a legendary hotel, surrounded by movie stars, and basking in the summer sunshine. As you picture this idyllic image, as its been recreated in countless works of art about the time and place, you’ll no doubt find the image of a Pagoda style shade immortalized in many depictions of this outburst of modern American culture. Today it’s called retro, or mid-century, but back then it was just a style revolution.

California Umbrella introduced the Pagoda top canopy almost immediately after its inception as a company in the Post War era, as a new generation of Americans burst out of the strife of a war torn world to introduce a newfound vibrancy to life and culture. This highly stylized shade became a staple of outdoor scenes around the nation, and came to symbolize the leisure and indulgence of life on our side of the country. The world has changed so much since then, but this eruption of change began its rumbling at that time, and the iconography of the era has become a classic statement in the Art of culture. We are proud to offer still, a truly classic shade product that embraces the style and spirit of California, which was born in another time, one that still feels familiar, and from when our Company was first founded.
Round Canopy . Carnival Style