essential commercial umbrella
The Venture Series is made to serve the enterprising spirit in our line of products. It is the essential commercial umbrella, bold in its materials, classic in its appearance, and driven to perform. Starting with a double wall thickness to set a robust foundation, everything in the Venture series is designed for work. Stainless steel hardware to all the finishing details, zinc plated rib hubs, and a canopy supported by half inch thick, high density plastic extruded Fiberglass ribs, it all makes for a series of shade products that endures any challenge and delivers shade beautifully.

Wherever value and performance is met with the need for flexibility and strength, we offer the Venture series as your shade solution.
Double Wall Thickness Foundation . Stainless Steel Hardware . Fiberglass Ribs
a natural wonder
The Sierra Series by California Umbrella is a monumental shift in the expression and beauty of a Market Umbrella. Traditional and timeless describe the coveted aesthetic of the wood market style parasol, a design that has been around as long as man-made shade has been a concept. With Sierra, we now introduce molded fiberglass framework that is finished with the warmth and character of a subtle wood stain, the hardened longevity of modern materials, and the embellished styling of an artisan piece. The resulting product is a refined series of umbrellas that set an imposing standard for the natural beauty and strength of a wood market umbrella. For every application, the Sierra series stands alone.
Wood Market Style . Fiberglass Framework With Wood Stain
Wood Market umbrellas are classic, and the Grove series gives you all the tradition and attraction they have always offered. The sourced hardwoods are subtle grained and finished to provide the warmth and character expected from a wood product. The Grove series comes in sizes across the umbrella spectrum to mix and match in any combination.
Classic Style . Versatile
Performance Focused
Our Oceanside Series is perfectly adapted to thrive, exposed to the stark beauty of the elements. We’ve designed this collection completely with high density reinforced fiberglass material. Light and flexible, it deflects the energy of movement so that a gusty breezy fades to obscurity. Dense and strong, it braces against the beating sun and the barrage of corrosive elements to stand beautifully undisturbed in service. Defying conventions, the 7.5 foot model can extend or contract its mast to fit into any need or space, so that one shade can shelter a casual afternoon lounging in the sand, or an installation of bar height tables for a crowd of customers.

When you spend as much time interacting with sun drenched shores as we have, focus turns towards performance. What follows is the Oceanside Series.
Reinforced Fiberglass Materials . Light and Flexible
Opulent Style and Performance
California is home to the world’s most opulent and luxurious cityscapes. These places are defined by their influence, and nothing typifies the California lifestyle today like the excess found in the boutiques and environs at Rodeo drive. Palm trees and shopping together with luxury and fine dining cater to the wealth of talented artists and the fantastically successful. To visit is to fall in love with beautiful items and the sumptuous lifestyle they are afforded by. This is the inspiration for the Rodeo series by California Umbrella. We have upended the quality profile for commercial umbrellas with this new series. Forsaking no details, we sought to create an amazing shade product that is perfect in its excess. We use no plastic or resin for any of the structural components, including the exotically styled hub and runner, the understated finial. A robust aluminum mast and canopy built with outsized components and stainless steel hardware make for an unmistakable performance product that stands clear from the crowd as a refined element of modern décor. The Rodeo series by California Umbrella, a modern masterpiece of style and excess.