Reimaged Originals
Evolution of an Original
Back when Eisenhower was living in the White House and Mercury Astronauts thrilled the world with unheard of breakthroughs in the race for space dominance, California Umbrella introduced the Sun Master Series, a smooth and easy tilting frame that promised years of carefree comfort in the sprawling backyards and pool sides.

Today, blended with the result of manufacturing modernization and with contemporary flexibility of Fiberglass materials, the original is reimagined and ready to take on the face of challenging winds and constant changes.
Original . Easy TIlt Frame . Fiberglass Materials . Best Used In Windy Locations
contemporary classic
A midsummer evening view from almost any perch in California bathes the senses in the golden hues of a western sunset. California is called the Golden State for many reasons, but there’s no arguing that the name is well earned as you take in the view of a waning day over the Pacific, and this is where the inspiration for the Golden State series meets you.

The revolutionary Collar Tilt that made California Umbrella a standard, endures as a continuing benchmark for effortless operation. Chase the sun to the horizon with the continuous motion of the canopy as you wring out the last bit of golden light from the day, shading the low hanging sun from your evening.
Collar Tilt . Effortless Operation . Continuous Canopy Motion
timeless aesthetic market umbrella
Spanning the length of the state, the Pacific crest trail covers every part of California’s incredible geographic and cultural diversity. Taking on the journey through this meandering trail will reveal deceptively rich lowland deserts as well as sky scraping giant sequoias shading the heart of the most majestic national parks. You can see the urban sprawl and the natural wonder of the state from border to border, and discover just what makes the west such an enduring representation of America.

Likewise, our Pacific Trail series umbrellas provide the timeless aesthetic of the Market style with all the essential features of a time tested staple of the shade industry we inspired. Fully robust framework with crank lift and tilting features supporting a range of canopy styles and fabrics at compelling value, it is the essential shade product standing the test of any use case. From end to end, the simple beauty of complete coverage to businesses and consumers is the hallmark of the Pacific Trail series and California Umbrella.
Crank Lift & Tilting . Compelling Value . Best For Any Use Case
well known discovery
When you use our Sunset series umbrellas you’ll get consistent and effortless performance, and an experience that in its novelty, feels unexpected each time. A smoothly performing crank lift feature offers an expected convenience delivered to you by California Umbrella. As the Sun quickly sets itself upon your afternoon, suddenly casting its light across the sky and tricking hidden colors out, retaliate with an equally hidden trick of shade. Cranking your umbrella a little more tilts the canopy against the horizon with an operation that delights in its simplicity.

You’ll always know you have more time to enjoy your outdoor space, keeping the sun at bay a bit longer, but each time you use our Sunset Series umbrella it will feel like a new experience.
Consistent and Effortless Performance . Crank Lift
Outstanding Coverage
The Largest freshwater lake in the state of California and one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world. It was formed by the shifting Fault lines and geologic upheaval that has risen to terrifying fame as a part of California’s identity. The Lake is surrounded by the highlights of California’s natural wonders, towering trees and Mountains filled with activity, deep pristine waters, and a vibrant flow of visitors soaking it all in. Tahoe is big, gorgeous, and dynamic. 

These essential identifiers describe our Tahoe Series Umbrella. A spacious 11’ by 8’ canopy provides fantastic coverage to oversized outdoor dining sets, so you can entertain the extra guests that add greater depth to your outdoor enjoyment. The frame is dynamic in motion as it is designed to shift upwards as you lower the canopy, raising the peak point of the mast to allow the umbrella to close unencumbered by standard table heights. Our Tahoe Series is made using the most dependable and beautiful fabrics available so this imposing shade stands out as a centerpiece of your outdoor space.

To experience a giant in both performance and beauty, we offer you the Tahoe Series.
Square Canopy . Large Coverage
signature umbrella
Everything that’s old, is New again.

The dream that lured millions to the western shores of America’s pacific coast was alive and well in the 50’s and 60’s. Lounging Poolside at a legendary hotel, surrounded by movie stars, and basking in the summer sunshine. As you picture this idyllic image, as its been recreated in countless works of art about the time and place, you’ll no doubt find the image of a Pagoda style shade immortalized in many depictions of this outburst of modern American culture. Today it’s called retro, or mid-century, but back then it was just a style revolution.

California Umbrella introduced the Pagoda top canopy almost immediately after its inception as a company in the Post War era, as a new generation of Americans burst out of the strife of a war torn world to introduce a newfound vibrancy to life and culture. This highly stylized shade became a staple of outdoor scenes around the nation, and came to symbolize the leisure and indulgence of life on our side of the country. The world has changed so much since then, but this eruption of change began its rumbling at that time, and the iconography of the era has become a classic statement in the Art of culture. We are proud to offer still, a truly classic shade product that embraces the style and spirit of California, which was born in another time, one that still feels familiar, and from when our Company was first founded.
Round Canopy . Carnival Style
more than a name
A CALI Series umbrella is more than an Umbrella. Cantilevered framework eliminates a limiting center mast and opens up the freedom to design an ever expanding set of uses for your shade. Rotating 360 degrees on its side mounted mast, the CALI series projects a shade profile around itself with over a 380 square foot coverage area, bringing together separate elements of an outdoor room with a unified shade solution. Reaching high into the air, the expansive canopy of the CALI series can shift back on the mast to screen out the setting sun with the lowest canopy position available in our line, walling off the evening sun and leaving a gorgeous sky above to bask in as the day ends.

By setting itself apart as more than an umbrella, the CALI series represents the spirit of our brand and what inspired it.
Cantilevered Framework . 360 Degree Rotation . Side Mounted . 380 Sq Foot Coverage
California has a legendary coastline, full of amazing geography, tourist destinations, and natural resources. Our great cities are even identified around the world instantly by the immediately recognizable images of sandy sun seekers framed by a city skyline adorning the beaches and bays they have made so famous.

This is the inspiration for the Bayside Series umbrella from California Umbrella. A simply striking offset shade the arcs forward to cover your space. The Bayside series features a 360-degree rotation ability that provides excellent coverage to several areas you wish may wish to shade, from just one standing position. The arching mast curves forward making for a smooth and simple lift, but also allowing you to rest the canopy in the open position, sideways on the mast, so you can eclipse the evening sun and carry on enjoying your evening. A complete and defining item that exemplifies our commitment to innovative shade designs, and offers you more than you bargain for.

The Bayside Series, the quintessential shade.
essential commercial umbrella
The Venture Series is made to serve the enterprising spirit in our line of products. It is the essential commercial umbrella, bold in its materials, classic in its appearance, and driven to perform. Starting with a double wall thickness to set a robust foundation, everything in the Venture series is designed for work. Stainless steel hardware to all the finishing details, zinc plated rib hubs, and a canopy supported by half inch thick, high density plastic extruded Fiberglass ribs, it all makes for a series of shade products that endures any challenge and delivers shade beautifully.

Wherever value and performance is met with the need for flexibility and strength, we offer the Venture series as your shade solution.
Double Wall Thickness Foundation . Stainless Steel Hardware . Fiberglass Ribs
a natural wonder
The Sierra Series by California Umbrella is a monumental shift in the expression and beauty of a Market Umbrella. Traditional and timeless describe the coveted aesthetic of the wood market style parasol, a design that has been around as long as man-made shade has been a concept. With Sierra, we now introduce molded fiberglass framework that is finished with the warmth and character of a subtle wood stain, the hardened longevity of modern materials, and the embellished styling of an artisan piece. The resulting product is a refined series of umbrellas that set an imposing standard for the natural beauty and strength of a wood market umbrella. For every application, the Sierra series stands alone.
Wood Market Style . Fiberglass Framework With Wood Stain
A Sentinel of Shade
In the Timberline series we’ve sourced the solid 2 inch wooden masts that stand firm in the wind, and bolstered them with ¾’ stout fiberglass ribs that perform in conditions not suitable for other shade products. The elegance and beauty of these overbuilt specimens is incomparable, they stand as shelters of shade even in the harshest environments.
Wooden Masts . Fiberglass Ribs
Wood Market umbrellas are classic, and the Grove series gives you all the tradition and attraction they have always offered. The sourced hardwoods are subtle grained and finished to provide the warmth and character expected from a wood product. The Grove series comes in sizes across the umbrella spectrum to mix and match in any combination.
Classic Style . Versatile
Excess of Abundance
The Allure Series demonstrates that attraction and excess are the hallmarks of quality. We’ve built this series using a beautiful and excessively robust stainless steel mast. The heft and finish of this single piece of refined steel represent a luxury of indulgence, delivering clean and contemporary lines from a deftly overwrought piece of natural material. Above it all is a flexible canopy of fiberglass ribs that dares the elements by its span and resistance. Taken together, the Allure series of the California Umbrella collection delivers classically understated aesthetics to your space, sumptuously emboldened by an irresistible abundance of performance.
Stainless Steel Mast . Fiberglass Ribs
Performance Focused
Our Oceanside Series is perfectly adapted to thrive, exposed to the stark beauty of the elements. We’ve designed this collection completely with high density reinforced fiberglass material. Light and flexible, it deflects the energy of movement so that a gusty breezy fades to obscurity. Dense and strong, it braces against the beating sun and the barrage of corrosive elements to stand beautifully undisturbed in service. Defying conventions, the 7.5 foot model can extend or contract its mast to fit into any need or space, so that one shade can shelter a casual afternoon lounging in the sand, or an installation of bar height tables for a crowd of customers.

When you spend as much time interacting with sun drenched shores as we have, focus turns towards performance. What follows is the Oceanside Series.
Reinforced Fiberglass Materials . Light and Flexible